Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is how we build it!

The latest greenhouse project.

A Birthday Bash!

August is definitely a month for Birthdays for the Hamann's. Audrey (Mom,) Bill and Barb all had birthdays to celebrate and they decided to meet at Bill's in Big Bear for one big birthday bash!

I sure wish I could have joined in on the Birthday celebration....... (sigh!) Perhaps, Christmas.... New Years, next year!

Here's a picture of the party animals.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring ????? Updates

Hi everybody. It has been awhile since I have updated the family blog. I got so bogged down with trying to keep up with my two onlines stores, the husky site, and jewelry and puppy sales. It just got to be overwhelming. I have decided that I will post the latest family news here. Much easier to keep up one blog, than to try to keep 4 websites and 7 blogs.

Here is the latest news. I believe it is spring, although it is pretty hard to tell at times. Here is is almost June and we are still having funky weather in most places. Now Mom and I don't do well in the cold. Mom and Jack have been spending a lot of time at the Mexico house. If the sun doesn't come to you, you pack up and go where the sun shines. It is always warm and sunny in Mexico and they really do love it there. The long drive does them in so they are looking into buying some real estate that is closer..... like Palm Springs or the desert. It sure would be nice to visit them in Palm Springs during winter..... oh BOY!

Al has been very busy trying to get his greenhouse business off the ground. He has been searching for propety in Utah that he can put a modular home on, and of course a greenhouse addition. He's applied for a SBA loan so they have him jumping through the hoops there. For anyone who has ever applied for a small business loan, you know this is a long drawn out process. He is also working on his greenhouse kits, doing bids for greenhouse constuction, and still doing small remodel jobs here and there, so his life has been full. Thank goodness the snow has finally melted in Utah.

I don't hear much from Bill and Dar these days, so I am not really sure what is new there. They still spend a lot of time at their house in Big Bear. Who wouldn't? It is really beautiful there.
I never hear a word from Barb so I am clueless as to what is new there. Her and Jerry are going to vist Mom for a few days so Mom will fill me in on the latest scoop. If there is anything exciting to report I will let you know.

As for me? I have been so busy, sometimes busier than I want to be. Sales are going good at the two Etsy stores. I had two litters of pups this past winter. Aleutia is now in a Motherly way, so it looks like I will have a litter of summer pups. Oh boy, more puppy bucks!!!!! But I do love those little husky babies. They are sooooooo cute.

The kids are fine and doing what most kids do. They are busy with their families and young ones. I remember those days, even though it's been a long time since I tended to pre-schoolers. I do NOT envy them. I keep reminding them pay back's a bitch, lol. I love being Grandma. You can love the grand kids and them and send them home when they get cranky, lol. They are much more fun now that they are walking and talking and have turned in to little people. :-)

That pretty much sums up the latest family news. All of us are sure glad that winter is behind us and summer is around the corner. It was a very long and cold winter here in the north country. The winters in Utah aren't much better.

I hope everyone is enjoying sun, warmth, holidays, get togethers, barbecues, summer patio parties, FUN! Take care and have a fun summer!